Docked iPad

Reinventing the iPhone sleeve

We took a completly 

new approach.

You have probably seen cases that can be attached to your belt... I'm sure they are functional in a way, but the design and how you have to wear these are not my style.

By reinventing the phone sleeve, we took a completely new approach:

    •    The orientation must be vertical, in portrait mode

    •    Attaching and getting it off must be safe and easy

    •    Use your iPhone and leave 6 pocket where it is

    •    A sleeve that also functions as a smart-wallet

    •    Wearing your sleeve in a fashionable way

    •    No bulky front pocket by using a beltloop

    •    Anti-theft system

    •    No obstacle in front pocket while sitting in a chair,         in the car, at your desk and on your bike

Meet the magnetic anti-theft system:

How to attach and unlock.

Hold the 6 pocket in front of the belt-loop it aligns automatically and booom it locks. You can not get it of by pulling. Unlocking the sleeve from the belt-loop is safe and easy! Just turn it 180 degrees and pull gently downwards on the tab from the belt-loop.

Revolutionary magnetic anti-theft system.

The 6 pocket has a revolutionary magnetic anti-theft system. It aligns automatically, snaps into place and locks your 6 pocket onto the beltloop. The anti-theft ring prevents it from accidentally getting off and shoplifting.

“By wearing 6 pocket on your hip you minimize the stress and pressure on your phone. “

So bye bye bulky front pocket and bye bye bent-gate! Sitting down with 6 pocket is a breeze. Try it in a chair, on your desk, in the car and even while cycling! And when you need your iPhone it’s easy accessible — even when you are sitting!! Get the best sleeve you ever had!

“Made from premium-full grain-vegetable tanned leather. “

Look at the details, distinctive finish and subtle texture. Available in Black-Black and Cognac-Brown. And it also doubles as a smart wallet! With space for your credit and debitcards, your ID and a frontpocket for your paper bills. It’s beautifully and precision made and reinforced with industrial stitchings!

6 pocket will fit as a second skin. The sleeve is slim fit, although your iphone glides in easy, you need some force to get it out, this will prevent it against shoplifting and it will not accidentally fall out.

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