Docked iPad

ID & bankcards

Stores your most used cards, driverslicence and ID card

Paper bills

Who needs a wallet? Keep your paper bills in the 6 pocket.

iPhone 6 & 6 +

6 pocket is available for your iPhone 6 

and your iPhone 6+.

The new design of the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus is the best design yet. And that is the reason why I'm not a big fan of cases. These cases do protect your iPhone, but also completely hide its great design. For me it's like buying a Ferrari and then proudly driving around with a blanket on top of it to protect it from being scratched and bumped. No... If I could buy a Ferrari, I would take it for a spin, take good care and park it in a garage or reliable parking-lot.

The best multifunctional iPhone 6 sleeve, that doubles as a smart-wallet!

Since 2007, when the iPhone was introduced, I have had all generation iPhones and I have always used a sleeve for protection. With the new and bigger design of the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus, my own experience is, it’s too big for my pocket. So I reinvented the iPhone sleeve!  We are turning your 5 pocket (jeans) into a 6 pocket! Don’t hide it in your pocket,  just wear it!

The world’s first sleeve with revolutionary anti-theft system!